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How to Make a Virtual Choir Video

I am sure you have seen some of the virtual choir videos floating around the internet recently, now that America is under lockdown due to COVID-19.  Perhaps you have wanted to try one yourself! Here is an example of one that I made a few weeks ago: So, how is this made? Well, there are […] HTML and Javascript Engine! is a cool free/open source Javascript platform for making HTML5/Canvas games, animations and WebGL awesomeness!  I thought I would play around a bit and make an example of a camera panning a peaceful meadow in such a way that will lull you to sleep or cause motion sickness! The config var config = { […]

Working Remote in Ecuador

When one works from home, one has to ask oneself, “why not work in South America for two weeks?”  I was able to participate in an an arrangement from to be able to stay and eat for free for two weeks in exchange for building a website for a hotel owner in the cloud […]

Vanilla Javascript Check for Class on Element

Sometimes, devs can rely on jquery a little too much, and forget how to check for a className without a framework to help. Granted $(elem).hasClass(“className”); is easy. But sometimes, one must go jquery free! el.classList.contains(className); However, the .contains is not supported by all browsers So, you can always fallback to good oleindexOf function hasClass(el, className) […]

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