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I make puns

This is really all you need to know to be convinced that I am date-a-bull material.



I willingly watch chick flicks.


"Frequent travel to exciting new places" is literally my middle name.


I have a job. Take that unemployed pretty boys!

Things I do

"Verb: It's what you do"


Serenading happens


Swing, breakdancing, etc...


How to understand women, etc...


Leadership is influence by example



Speak to Animals

Like Cinderella, I call birds to assist me


The basic things you should know.

  • 1986

    Humble Beginnings

    Corbin showed up on this planet. So as to not make his peers look bad, he waited until the age of of 8 months before he programmed his first operating system

  • 1989

    Cute as a button

    Corbin charmed the masses at age 3, and was photographed as a model for a doll-making company. Also, Corbin wrote the Taylor Swift album "1989" this year, which was finally published 27 years afterwards.

  • December 2012

    Transition to Iron Man

    While many rumours had circulated that Corbin Rose might be Superman, he publicly declared that he was in fact Iron Man in 2012

  • September 2015

    New Business and Album

    After founding CorbDesign LLC (web hosting and development) and releasing his first self-produced album, Corbin went on to pilot a rogue Amazon drone to Mars using iridium flares from satellites as solar energy

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There are many ways to contact me. Sometimes standing alone in the moonlight and softly singing will do the trick. Other times, emails are sufficient.